Mad Arrow

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Mad Arrow:

GGKids  Mad Arrow Game

Mad Arrow is an addictive pinnacle guard amusement made by Max Games. Place warriors with bow and sword battling abilities to shield your fortunes from brute attack. This is fractiousness! Controls: Mouse. Sword Games · guard · Soldier Games · Archery Games.

Frantic Arrow is an addictive pinnacle protection amusement made by MaxGames. Place warriors with bow and sword battling aptitudes to shield your fortunes from brute strike. This is fractiousness! Place swordsmen and toxophilite on the way to your gold to slaughter the savages previously they ransack you. Every safeguard has a cost, and in the event that you don’t have enough cash, the unit will be passed out. You gain cash at whatever point one of your safeguards murders a foe unit. In the event that the adversary figures out how to take the majority of your gold, the amusement is finished.

Mad Arrow

The savages are after your gold. In the event that you don’t locate a snappy method to guard it, you will lose your fortune. Make officers and attempt to keep the brutes occupied until the point that the check runs out. Protect your base and watch over your gold! This is the undertaking of the diversion Mad Arrow. Tap on your watchmen and drag them to the best possible place. Utilize the bolt keys or drag the mouse to see the guide of the fight. Press space bar to stop. In the event that your gold is altogether looted by the adversaries, you lose the diversion. Keep the gold stay in as far as possible, you win. Setup bowmen and swordsmen to shield Roman fortunes from savage attack!

Archers, as well as swordsmen and other valiant fighters prepared to chance their lives to secure the treasury, that is the group that will shield the rule. Convey them as indicated by an arrangement of activity, however don’t squander excessively of a valuable time arranging it, or else the foe will have an extraordinary favorable position. Your undertaking in this methodology diversion is to shield valuable fortune from coming adversaries. The best strategy likely will be to put a few toxophilite near the fortune and place a few warriors beside them. Together they will be solid and you will most likely win.

Shield your fortune from marauders. Convey your military to protect it and keep your abundance till the finish of each round to continue to the following one. The most effective method to Play: Pick a unit to send from the base board. Snap anyplace on screen to put these units. Each bandit you murder gains you gold to prepare more troops.

The antiquated kingdom are in war. Enlist troopers and go to fight!